Discover our shower moments

A shower is always the beginning of something. Be it in the morning before we start the day, we get ready for a special occasion or to ring in the night's sleep. Whatever it is, start happy and have more "honey moments".

Every morning we jump (some people rather torment themselves) out of bed and into the shower. This really wakes us up and revitalizes our tired bones. This is how we prepare for a long day at work, everyday tasks or whatever is on our daily schedule. After a workout at the gym, take a shower to wash away some well-deserved sweat. In the evening we cleanse ourselves from the events of the day, wind down and prepare for a hopefully restful night. Not to forget the extensive feel-good showers, where the entire care and beauty program is celebrated in preparation for a special event.

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Shower head from which water pours out in pearls

A shower is so much more than a simple cleaning activity. Stepping out of the shower isn't just about being clean - it's much more than that. We feel better, refreshed, relaxed, beautiful, comfortable, confident and prepared for whatever may come. The way we shower affects our mood and how we tackle the tasks ahead.

A relaxing shower can make life so much easier! Studies show that creative brainwaves and new ideas are much more likely to emerge while you're in the shower. But why is that and what are the prerequisites for such moments of enlightenment? We have to be alone, ideally even a bit tired or again, and carry out an activity in autopilot mode:

No matter when, why or how you shower, it's usually one of the few moments when you are alone and take time for yourself. In times when everyone, at all times, demands your attention, those few minutes without distraction have become rare.

You step into the shower, you're tired from your workout or a busy day, or you've just got up and aren't fully awake yet. You skillfully turn the tap and the warm water caresses your back. How does that feel? You feel good and start to relax.

When we relax in such a moment, our brain releases dopamine, a real “carefree neurotransmitter”. It boosts creativity and the creation of alpha waves in our brain. In combination with tiredness or daydreaming, this leads to real creative fireworks!

Get more out of your shower routine now! Consciously take the time to take a shower. Because the more relaxed you are, the more likely the current mental blockade is history again! So in the future, we'd better think twice about skipping the post-gym shower due to lack of time. But the right products also help us to really relax during our different shower moments.

Get the most out of your shower moment!

Happiness matters. Create more honey moments!

What's your shower moment?

Early bird, late riser, snooze button fanatic or even an evening shower?