Our history

My father and I have shared our fascination with our ecosystem, bees and their superorganism in the hive, for as long as I can remember. Ultimately, in my early teens, I wanted to turn pure interest into knowledge. So in 2002 we took over two bee colonies from our aging neighbor. That was the beginning of our small family beekeeping.

Our passion for bees and beekeeping grew quickly and that's when I figured the best way to share this love with others is through other products. Not everyone likes the taste of honey, but everyone needs a shower and most people use cosmetics. I've always wanted to share the joy that bees give me and I wanted other people to know what great products can be made from honey and other bee products. Few people have heard of the multiple benefits of propolis, and even fewer know that beeswax can be used for so much more than just candles. In order to use the full positive effects of the bee products, I started making a body scrub for myself first. To share the positive experiences I had from using honey, propolis and beeswax, I made more scrubs for my friends and family. Everyone was amazed at how good the skin felt after the shower.

At the end of 2016, with the increasing demand for my homemade peelings, I decided to let even more people share the "triple bee power" (that's what I call my mix of honey, propolis and beeswax) and dared to take the step into the Independence - the PureBee brand was born.

With the help of my family, we built a small production facility in the tranquil Graben-Neudorf in Baden-Württemberg and took all the necessary steps to be able to produce cosmetics in Germany.

Even today we are continuously expanding our product range with new great products that contain honey, beeswax or propolis and we invest a lot of time in research. We produce 100% of our products by hand with all-natural ingredients and all honey still comes from the in-house apiary that my father and I run.

We hope you enjoy our range and that you feel the love and happiness we put into every single product.

Signature Linda