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Our new pickup box

it's finally here - our new pick-up box. This makes ordering even easier for our self-collectors. We would be happy to explain how it works in just a few steps.

Step 1: The order

At the very beginning, of course, there is the order. You give this up as usual in the online shop. In the shopping cart, however, you do not select "Shipping" but "Collection". Collection is always free of charge and is therefore particularly worthwhile for smaller orders, which would otherwise incur shipping costs. Of course, this also saves us packaging material.

Step 2: The email

After your order has been received we will set up your order as soon as possible. You will receive an automated email notifying you that your order is ready. Shortly thereafter we will send an email with information on which compartment your order is in and what the access code is. The code to open the box is created individually for you and changed after each order and of course you don't have to worry about your order getting lost.

Step 3: The pickup

After you have received the email with your subject number and your code, it is up to you. You must now make your way to our parcel box in Wendelinusstr. 30, 76676 Graben-Neudorf. At what time of day or night you do this is entirely up to you. It's up to you whether you drive by Neudorf on your way to work early in the morning and stop briefly or pick up your order on Sunday evening. All we ask is that you pick up the order within 7 days. If it doesn't work within the 7 days, please let us know. Arriving at the parcel box, there are 3 simple steps to open the box.

1) Check the e-mail again for the correct box number. You can only open the compartment that contains your order.

2) Enter the code on the dial at your mailbox. You will then hear how the lock unlocks.

3) Rotate the lever down and pull the door open. Take your order and close the door again by simply turning the lever up again. That's it :-)

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