Rosenwasser - Hype oder wichtiges Essential?

Rose water - hype or important essential?

What's in it?

The main component of our rose spray is rose water. Rose water is a hydrolate. It is a by-product of the production of essential oils by steam distillation. One kilogram of freshly picked rose blossoms (in our case Damask rose from Bulgaria) are distilled into one kilogram of water in a still. The resulting water vapor condenses on a cooler and becomes liquid again. The result: A pure distillate (hydrolate) without any additives. In this case, the non-volatile phase results in the rose oil and contains the fat-soluble ingredients of the rose.

The great thing is that no solvents are necessary in this manufacturing process and there are almost no waste products. Rose oil and rose water can then be used equally. And usually the content of essential oils in rose water is negligible. Rose water is a super mild alternative to rose oil, especially for sensitive skin, as essential rose oil naturally contains allergens that can irritate very sensitive skin.

In our PureBee rose spray, the rose water is actively supported by propolis. Propolis is one of nature's most powerful natural ingredients. It offers some benefits for our skin and is also good for people with sensitive skin. It reduces redness and pigmentation, provides antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors, prevents premature skin aging, dullness and dark spots and boosts collagen production. In short: Propolis primarily strengthens weakened skin barriers. The only thing to note about propolis is that it is not suitable for people with allergies to bee products and unfortunately these people have to do without most of our products.


If the rose hydrolate has been distilled several times and no longer contains any essential oils, it is also more sensitive to germs and must be preserved. We preserve our rose spray with Pentylene Glycol. A herbal and skin-friendly moisturizer with a preservative effect. If rose water still contains significant concentrations of essential oils due to insufficient distillation, these must also be listed in the INCIs. The product must not appear on the market otherwise. With us you will no longer find any significant residues of essential oil in the product.

That is why there are different types of rose water, which nevertheless differ fundamentally. One with shares of essential oils, others that are free of essential oils but preserved or those that do without both but have to be used up quickly. So rose water is not just rose water!


As already mentioned, the rose water for our rose spray is obtained from Damask roses. They are grown in the well-known Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. We rely on certified organic roses!

Due to the multiple distillation, the rose water that we use at PureBee contains only such a small residual amount of essential oils that they have no irritating effect. In this way we get a well-tolerated, natural and organic rose water, from which we produce our rose spray and fill it into the glass.

Although our rose spray is preserved with pentylene glycol and protected by the brown glass bottle, we still recommend storing it in a cool and dark place to guarantee the longest possible shelf life. Gladly also in the fridge, which is very pleasantly cooling and refreshing, especially in summer.


Opinions differ when it comes to the effects of rose water on the skin. There are voices that concede that rose water has a rather low content of important ingredients. However, based on our positive experiences, which we have had with our rose spray and the combination of rose water and propolis, we have a different opinion. Rose water contains valuable antioxidants, vitamins (B and C), tannins and pectins. And that is exactly what makes the great and at the same time mild properties of rose water. And the rose spray, which combines rose water with the powerful active ingredient propolis, seems to be just the right thing for my skin, that of my friends and also many customers.

I myself would not want to do without the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect of the spray in my daily routine.

Who is the facial toner suitable for?

Our rose spray is suitable for all skin types. It is perfect for both normal and oily skin. Thanks to its soothing and moisturizing properties, particularly dry and sensitive skin types benefit. The only exception (as with all our products) are people who are allergic to bee products.


01 facial care for every skin type

The rose spray is particularly suitable as a facial tonic after cleansing (e.g. with our PureBee cleansing oil ). It regulates the pH value of the skin and prepares it perfectly for the following care. This allows your skin to absorb more nutrients. To do this, spray the rose spray directly onto your skin or soak a cotton pad with it. Gently stroke the pad over your face. You remove the last make-up residues, dirt and deposits and soothe your skin at the same time.

Benefits for every skin type! - The tannins work against inflammation and are ideal for impure skin. The formation of new pimples is thus prevented and pimple marks are reduced at the same time. Pectins help to bind water. Dry skin is happy about the extra portion of moisture. Antioxidants like vitamin C protect your skin from free radicals and environmental influences. Of course, this puts a big spanner in the works against skin aging! Rose water is therefore also ideal for mature skin. And even very sensitive skin (also with couperose, rosacea and neurodermatitis) can calm down thanks to rose water.

02 FROM HEAD TO TOE - body care with ROSENSPRAY!

Your skin can also become dry, blemished, or prone to redness in other areas, such as your face. Here, too, the rose spray is a real master and can quickly moisturize with a small cooling spray, relax your skin and reduce redness. It is also ideal after shaving to soothe stressed skin.

03 Rapunzel, Rapunzel: Let down your shiny hair

Our rose spray is also ideal for hair and scalp. It conjures up a great and well-groomed shine on your hair. To do this, simply spray the wonderfully fragrant spray into your towel-dried hair after washing and simply let it dry in the hair as a leave-in conditioner.

Or do you have an itchy and irritated scalp? Maybe you suffer from dandruff too? Thanks to the balanced composition of active ingredients in the rose, cell renewal in your skin is stimulated. Fat production is regulated without drying out and irritated scalp is noticeably balanced.

04 Aromatherapy

We have now extensively listed the great benefits for skin and hair, but there is one more aspect that you should not withhold - the great scent! Actually, I'm not a huge fan of rose scents, I tend to think of the antiquated, heavy grandmother's scent when I hear rose scent, but that's different with rose spray. The scent is fresh, very light and almost fruity. You can smell that it's rose, but not in the way you usually associate it. I'm a fan of this fragrance.

As you can see, our rose spray contains a variety of valuable ingredients that not only give you a pleasant freshness, but can also calm skin irritations and moisturize your skin and hair. Convince yourself. Maybe our rose spray is your new beauty favourite!

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